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*All services require a consultation. There is a small fee for consultations.

LLC Paperwork


Advantages of Forming an LLC


For businesses that choose an LLC business structure, their personal assets are considered separate from the personal interest invested in the company. This means that debts and liabilities incurred are the responsibility of the business rather than its members.
LLCs are taxed on a pass-through basis, meaning the profits and losses of LLCs are paid out by each individual owner and are only reflected on their personal income tax returns. LLCs with multiple owners, however, must file a purely informational tax return for their business, while LLCs held by a single member do not.
Members of an LLC are able to determine how the company is viewed as a taxable entity. LLCs are either federally taxed as a partnership or a sole proprietor, depending on whether it’s a multi-or single-member LLC. The business may also, however, choose to be taxed as an S- or C-corporation.
Unlike other business structures, LLCs are beholden to very few regulations, such as filing an annual report and paying any applicable state-level taxes.


​This service will include:

  • Business Name Search in Federal and State Database

  • Preparation and Filing of Articles

  • State Application 

  • Employer Identification Number

  • Turnaround time is 7 business days


*Operating Agreement and /or Partnership Agreement for an additional service fee

There is also an option for a Pick My Brain Session for Development, Ideas, Next Steps, Processes, etc. 

501c3 Paperwork


Non-Profit Steps:

Choose a business name - Make sure to check the state-by-state information on the various laws that apply to naming a nonprofit in your state.

Appoint a Board of Directors - Draft your bylaws with guidance from your Board of Directors. These are the operating rules for your nonprofit.

Decide on a legal structure - Choose whether your organization will be a trustcorporation, or association.   

File your incorporation paperwork - You must next file formal paperwork, or articles of incorporation, and pay a small filing fee to your state. 

Apply for tax-exempt status - A nonprofit organization may be eligible for exemption from federal income tax. 

This service will include:

  • Business Name Search in Federal and State Database

  • Preparation and Filing of Articles

  • State Application 

  • Employer Identification Number

  • Federal Application

  • For the 1023ez Application, turnaround time is up to 14 business days after consultation. Approval times vary.

  • For the 1023 Application, turnaround time is up to 21 business days after consultation.  Approval times vary.


Federal Application (1023 or 1023ez) determined through a questionnaire after our consultation.  Pricing varies based on which federal application, you qualify for. 

*ByLaws and Conflict of Interest Forms, for additional service fees.

There is also an option for a Pick My Brain Session for Development, Ideas, Next Steps, Processes, etc

Board Training

In a Meeting

Nonprofit board education and training is a vital part of any board’s development. Whether board members need help mastering their responsibilities in order to better govern an organization, or your chief executive wants to strengthen the board-staff partnership, enhanced educational offerings can help you achieve your goals. From virtual or in-person training sessions, you can find the training that is right for you. Explore our offerings and consider how your board would benefit from sessions tailored to your organization’s needs and individual board members’ skills.


Organizational Development/ Planning and Execution: As a nonprofit, developing a strong plan and organizational structure and system is a must! Having a solid foundation, will assist you with running a successful nonprofit. BE Browning Enterprises, LLC can be instrumental in helping you develop:

  • Mission and Vision

  • Strategic plan

  • Financial needs and fundraising goals

  • Current funding mix and donor evaluation

  • Prospect identification and research

  • Messaging and communications

  • Public Awareness

  • Volunteer leadership

  • Fundraising information system and database

  • Staffing and organization of the development department


Board Recruitment, Development and Training: As a nonprofit, your board of directors are volunteers from the community that believe in your vision and mission. Your selected board members must bring their personal experience and resources to advance the organization's mission and take responsibility for its governance, strategic direction and financial needs.

Browning Enterprises can share best practices to strengthen and develop a nonprofit's Board by:

  •  Evaluating professional experience, knowledge and relationship networks needed to advance the organization's mission

  • Clarifying Board member responsibilities and commitments (terms of service, rotation, committee responsibilities, governance, financial expectations

  • Identifying and developing strategies to recruit prospective Board member

  • Providing training and support in a variety of areas, including fundraising and Board/Executive Director relations

Additional fee, if the board needs assistance with board member recruitment. Which includes: Finding Candidates, Screening and Selection and Orientation

Services vary depending on which service is selected.

Outreach Training


Outreach/Community Service Coordination: The purpose of outreach is to meet the needs in the community, this can be done through programming and through outreach events. BE Browning Enterprises, LLC will assist with:

  • Brainstorming the needs in your community

  • Creating and implementing the outreach plan

  • Creating and monitoring the event budget

  • Recruiting strong volunteers and volunteer leadership for, chairs and committees

  • Marketing and communications

  • Data collecting and report writing


Outreach Planning/Management: 

As a church or non-profit, BE Browning Enterprises, LLC will work with our clients to plan and execute highly successful, memorable and impactful outreach events. We are able to work independently or as a team with your staff and volunteers, we can support all of the activities that must be undertaken to ensure a successful outreach event, including:

  •  Choosing the best date, time and venue

  • Creating and monitoring the event budget

  • Designing a theme

  • Creating the invitation, printed program and other materials

  • Developing the event program, timeline, speaker scripts, etc.

  • Recruiting strong volunteer leadership for honorary chairs, chairs, committee

  • Developing underwriter and invitation lists and helping secure in-kind support

  • Writing press releases

  • Organizing the guest list

  • Preparing a plan for staffing with volunteers

  • Managing the day of the event

  • Reporting and analyzing results

  • Managing post-event communications and follow-up

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